Friday, September 20, 2013

Join Pet360's beagle board and enter to win a prize! is a great website for people who love pets. It's a resource guide, a site for news and trends and tips on being a pet parents, from health to training. They also have a store, and most important of all, community forums.

Right now Pet360 is running a giveaway on the Beagle Crazy board. We're trying to get more beagle lovers to join in on the forum and grow the community (I'm the moderator!).

To access it, head to the forum at THIS LINK. You'll need to join Pet360 (it's FREE) and you'll need to join the beagle group to post (it's easy to join, just click the big orange button!)

Then, reply to the giveaway post with a picture or video of your beagle sniffing, tracking, doing anything with their nose! Be sure to tell us who your beagle is too!

The winner will get an awesome beagle umbrella!

The giveaway ends on October 4, so hurry in, join Pet360, and show us your beagle!

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